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1927 - 1973

This website was launched 5/16/2006 to share memorabilia collected by Leon & Barbara (Kendall) Harrington, HHS Class of 1953. Leon was originally scheduled to graduate in 1950 but the National Guard call-up and Korea interrupted his plan and he returned to HHS to graduate with the Class of 1953. Special thanks to our son Allen Harrington for his technical ability and continued patience during this project. 

Adding to our collection were  Mrs. Omega Blanton, Class of 1945  who shared her wealth of knowledge and materials, Mrs. Jimmye Doss Smith, Class of 1944, and Gus Ashby, Class of 1951, and  others.

 We invite you to take a stroll down memory lane and would welcome any additional memorabilia you may have from that time so long ago.  Your comments will be welcomed, as well.

Barbara Harrington



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